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Hudl Audits

A well built approach to maximizing the potential that exists within every athlete's film

Athletes After Hudl Audit

Our Process

First you will submit your film for review. Next your film will be compared to our coach and athlete built equation. Once this comparison is complete you will receive a report of improvement possibilities, as well as our suggestions to maximize your films potential.

The Equation

The equation is built on interviews with coaches and athletes of all levels. We use a seven step process to create high conversion, engaging film, showcasing what the athlete is best at. Good film is a compilation of athletic plays. Great film is an effective advertisement of what the athlete has to offer.

Your Report

First you receive an overall grade of how effectively you represented yourself and your position. Second, you will be given an improvement scale detailing your films current standing as well as areas of improvement. Next you will receive suggested improvements of how to make your film more engaging while showcasing  your ability.

What to Expect

Below is a Hudl Audit proformed on Max Muncy's senior year highlights

General Notes

These will be the first impression that a viewer gets as well as some general guidance

Skills Demonstrated

These are the skills that coaches have told us are essential to your specific position. we give you a rating of how well you met these out of 10

Alter Film

This section focuses on how you should edit your film to make a highly specific advertisement of your skils

How to Improve

In this section we give you advice on how to make your highlight film better in the future as well as changes you could make now to have a more engaging highlight reel

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Purchase Options

Special Launch Discount

A special discount in celebration of our launch. 

One time purchase of your Hudl Audit will only be $12.99 

Our plans Include Audits

We have incorporated Hudl Audits into our monthly plans to give you the most value as well as the chance to see our equation in the vault, create your film accordingly, then submit it for review.

Not Sure Yet?

To see our story and how Athletes After was born

Vistit our 

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