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Our Story

How we found our home, and how we can help you find yours

Football has been at the epicenter of our lives. With the ultimate goal of being able to play on Saturdays. But before our journeys clashed, we were challenged with a common problem that so many high school kids go through today. Being from small rural areas in Pennsylvania and Indiana. We were part of the forgotten group trying to find our home to play on Saturdays. Because of this, we paved our own way through the recruiting process and learned valuable skills. 


Justin DeMild

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In 2019 Justin started entering the online space, he got into streaming and then began to grow his network until he was able to get plugged in with Faze clan. During this process he was traveling visiting schools and trying to find his home and high school he wanted a           PLEASE INSERT

after finding his home he continued his work online and has currently amassed a following of over PLEASE ENTER NUMBER, and works with big name clients. Justin has condensed this knowledge of online branding and scaling putting it all at your fingertips in our video vault.


Max Muncy

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Sophomore year of high school Max decided that he was going to play college football. So he began training, collecting information, and learning about the recruiting process. Junior year due to a coaching change he was put in contact with a fantastic coach who had launched multiple D1 athletes. I knew this was my chance so I learned everything I could, went to every camp I could over my junior and senior years and ultimately I was rewarded. I was recruited at every level from D1 to NAIA. I took upwards of 18 visits to schools of all sizes and learned a lot of valuable lessons. But ultimately I  decided to stick to what I really wanted. To play early in my career, get a Christian education, and focus on academic success, with a great coach. Because of how wide I cast my net I was able to find Grove City College.

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